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What Are
We Doing

Universal Concept creating concept and producing together  for all retail shopfitting more than 20 years from the first step till today with “ everyday should be farther than yesterday” motto.

Universal Concept, creating interior and exterior design, producing, assembling and conculting with 5000 m2 factory and ofices in Istanbul.

Harmony in Every Detail, Elegance in Every Space.








We are serving visually in Universal Concept showroom to our clients on 400 m2.  Designed like all retail sectors owners can find what they need also our showrooms include Office space for our designers. We are showing most recently and suitable their style floors modules, Wall systems and ceiling design to our clients in the our showroom. We are taking the first step of  generis concept with our clients in our showroom. We are expecting your visit here.


We are manufacturing on 5000 m2 area. Our factory includes furniture, metal, furniture dyehouse and metal oven-dying workshops on a single area. All sections making a finished products from bulk products to Project-proper. We have also high standart packaging section and we are making package suitable to which country conditions to send. And than we this packages loads to truck via loading platform includes our factory.

How Are
We Doing

Special design for our clients and detail settlement

Universal Concept had adopted as a principle provide to adaptation according the actuall conjuncture add to all projects certificated shopfitting systems which Universal Concept has own. Concepts of designed makes elaboration according the actuall conjuncture. All electrical-cabling details, mounting details, assembly details calculates with precise stay hiding.

Developing – Changing Systems

Universal concept does aims provide the maximum confort to users with fallow nerbly the R&B activities in the industry all around the World and make innovation actual own systems day by day alongside add the new chamber to which Univeral Concept has own standarts. Trend colors of the year, developments of the lighting systems and elasticity of assembly does actualizes with pointblank.

Serving for all around the World

Same serving quality all around the World for our company has a services with 5 continents and more than 250 cities up till today. According the locations we are making a specific soluations from during the design to choices the metarials, from packaging to assembly.

Initial Consultation

Commencing with a comprehensive exploration of your requirements, our initial meeting is crucial for establishing a clear understanding of your objectives and expectations.

Site Assessment and Measurement

Our adept technical team conducts a meticulous on-site visit, focusing on precise measurements and in-depth analysis to gather essential data for subsequent stages.

Design Development

Leveraging the collected data, our skilled design engineers initiate the creation of detailed 2D sketches, progressing seamlessly to intricate 3D designs, ensuring alignment with your specified conditions.

Presentation and Feedback Loop

We present a comprehensive set of 3D render views, articulating the rationale behind each design decision. Your valued feedback and revision requests are actively sought and addressed during this critical phase.

Precision Manufacturing

Finalized designs are seamlessly transferred to our advanced production facility. Our proficient craftsmen, collaborating across metal and wooden departments, meticulously plan and execute the manufacturing process to the highest standards.

Secure Loading and Shipment

In adherence to our established schedule, your products are meticulously packaged to ensure secure transportation to your regional destination, prioritizing safety and integrity during shipment.

Assembly Excellence and Timely Delivery

Upon arrival at your location, our skilled assembly team ensures the precise integration and placement of each item. Timely delivery underscores our commitment to professionalism and punctuality.

Post-Implementation Evaluation

Following project completion, your constructive feedback and comments are eagerly awaited. Your insights play a pivotal role in refining and optimizing our service quality for future endeavors, as we value continuous improvement and client satisfaction.